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(B.A. Wits; BSocSci in Hons.SW UCT; Masters in Social Work UCT)



  Addiction – whether it be to work, sex, gambling, the internet or substances, to name but a few - can be devastating to people’s lives. Ironically, it may also be a gift or opportunity enabling people to grow in exponential ways.

Forensic social work is the application of social work to issues and questions relating to the law, legal systems and legal policy.






My work with addiction began in 1991 at the Drug Counseling Centre (Observatory, Cape Town). Six years later I became the social worker for the clinical team at Kenilworth Clinic Chemical Dependency Unit and subsequently, at Stepping Stones Rehabilitation Centre in Kommetjie.

In 1998 I started my private practice doing general clinical work as well as addiction out-patient counseling. I offer supportive and therapeutic work to motivated addicts, individuals at risk and their spouses, partners and families.


Assessments establish where an individual is in his or her cycle of abuse and/or addiction. This is critical in determining appropriate sentencing, treatment and if needed, referrals to out-patient group support, individual counselling or in-patient rehabilitation.

I also provide after care counseling to individuals who have completed their rehabilitation program (recovery skills building).


Substance abuse offences: I have worked with attorneys and advocates doing pre-trial forensic assessments, reports relating to the diversion of criminal prosecutions of accused persons and the making of recommendations relating to community service / sentencing.


I facilitate voluntary rehabilitation committals and arrange for involuntary committals in accordance with the Drug dependency and Treatment Act 20 of 1992.

I am also a trained “drink driver” addictions counselor working within the offender’s education and diagnostic program of SADD (South Africans against Drunk Driving).



mobile:  072 025 6889  (WhatsApp only)

Israel:  053 637 3061


SACCSP reg. no: 1011262

Practice no: 8905118