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(B.A. Wits; BSocSci in Hons.SW UCT; Masters in Social Work UCT)





I have a broad range of experience spanning 33 years, having qualified in 1986 at the University of Cape Town.

I then completed my Masters in 2007.  I also have extensive experience in the field of addiction (alcoholism, substance abuse and sex addiction).




I run a private Clinical Social Work practice that has been based in the City Bowl of Cape Town South Africa.  I work with individuals, couples and families. Alongside my private practice, I’ve worked at FAMSA (families South Africa) and in Employee Wellness for many years.


I use a range of methods when working with people. My counselling skills are firstly grounded in sound social work principles. I combine that with depth psychology theory (theory that takes into account the unconscious) and psychiatric tenets. I may also draw on cognitive-behavioural principles, which helps people strategise for optimal living in a practical way.


I gained psychiatric training in counselling, mental state examinations and psycho-social evaluations through experience and internships at both
in-patient and out-patient psychiatric departments at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town.

Mindfulness is used when appropriate, as a strategy to deal with challenging life events and moments.


I work in conjunction with allopathic medical practitioners (for example homeopaths and other holistic or complementary professionals), as well as psychiatrists and conventional medical professionals. Complementary and conventional treatments both have a role to play in healing, depending on the issue and / or the person looking for resolution.



SACSSP – South African Council for Social Service Professions

SAASWIPP – South African Association of Social Workers in Private Practice.
(committee member)

ASWICA – Association of Social Workers Implementing the Children’s Act.




mobile:  072 025 6889  (WhatsApp only)

Israel:  053 637 3061


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SACCSP reg. no: 1011262

Practice no: 8905118